Domestic Information

Welcome to TeamUnited, India’s premier express logistics and fulfilment services provider that accesses the largest and most comprehensive express and logistics network of 1000+ destinations & counting, worldwide and 2700+ proud customers. You’re few steps away from India’s highly sought after logistics experience.

“Finding reliable, secure and timely option for your next domestic bulk cargo logistics? Hey! We are right here.

With our Domestic Bulk Cargo delivery service, you have the flexibility to choose air-shipment or surface-shipment according to urgency requirements. We understand the value of your time and therefore, we have included Door-To-Door Pickup & Delivery service as part of this. Also, we take care of all the Regulatory Clearances & provide you Free Computerized Proof of Delivery. To provide a sense of satisfaction, you can enjoy minute-on-minute updates on our One-Click Customer Login Portal. We have successfully developed a strong & reliable network to enable multiple city collection & shipment options.
With your rising trust in us, we grew our economy of scale and thus are able to provide the service at reasonable rates. Contact Us for the prices or further information.
Minimum Shipping Weightage: 100 kilograms (kgs)
Ideal Clients: Any time competitive business including but not limited to Pharmaceutical Companies, Printing Industry, Event Management Companies and Banking & Financial Companies.