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“Excited about acquiring new clients? But onboarding them is a nightmare? It does not have to be!”

Clients are the focus of a business and getting new clients is the pathway to it. However, the experience of onboarding must not be slow, tedious or incomplete. The current onboarding process for the majority of banking and financial institutions have lived its age and are in dire need of a transition.
With our fully digital and automatic onboarding process, we help you leap ahead of your competitions by reducing the onboarding time to almost 20% in certain cases and dramatically improve the experience for the customers. Therefore, a Win-Win-Win situation for all of us.
With simple to use & one-click access portals, you can review the progress and scrutinise the absolute identities of new clients. Documents will be available online to view, check, verify & approve with utmost ease.
It’s an all-digital process ensuring 100% compliance and privacy protection at considerably higher speeds. It includes opening bank accounts, loan accounts, policy purchase and a lot more. What does not change with time is forced to change by time, an important lesson from COVID-19. Go Digital, Save Time, Enable Performace & Create Experiences.